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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 105: SSB Ultimate Is The Darkest Timeline

Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast! This week, the boys talk about their first week with Motion Twin's Dead Cells, bust open all the big news and reveals from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, DOOM Eternal and Red Dead Redemption, and wrap all the announcements from EVO, the worlds biggest Fighting Game tournament!

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 87: Next Generation Sidetracks (Special Guest: Broderick Gordes)

This week, we are joined by the wonderful Broderick Gordes, co-host of the Hunting Seasons Podcast! We talk Shadow of the Tomb Raider finally getting revealed for real, Twitch's new Free Games For Prime program, Geralt of Rivia joining the fight in Soul Calibre VI and a WHOLE bunch of of sidetracking. We have a blast and we hope you will listening to it!

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