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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 43: Snakes and SNES Mini’s

This week, Kyran learns to be a snake in Sumo Digital's Snake Pass, we take a look into the potential future for Activision's Call of Duty: WWII and EA's Battlefront II, and we dream of all the crazy outcomes from Atlus's registration of a bunch of potentially Persona related domain names. Also, Joel hasn't played anything new this week, so there's that.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 33: Yakooza-Laylee

Hope you're ready for some super tasty Dialogue Options Podcast action! Coming to you live in the same room this week, we chat Yakuza 0, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Kingdom Hearts. Plus we get stuck into Square Enix's Final Fantasy presentation, their lack of support of Deus Ex and EA's Battlefront 2 plans.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 31: Kyran’s Fire Emblem Super Show

This week, Kyran calms down for a minute to let us know all about Nintendo's Fire Emblem Direct, including Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile offering in the acclaimed strategy RPG franchise, as well as new 3DS and Switch entries in the series. We also round up a few more scraps of info about Nintendo's next console, as well as discuss EA's choice to hold their own show down the road from E3 again this year. Will we see Battlefront 2 for the first time, and will it have a single player campaign?

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