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Dialogue Options Podcast Pre E3 Special Part 2

It's time for part two of our Pre E3 coverage, and it's a stacked episode for sure! Ubisoft have had a history of leaks in the past, and this year seems no different but are we in store for some surprises? Square Enix are back after a disappointing showcase last year, but this year they are brandishing some big guns, and just what exactly will Nintendo show off during their E3 Direct? Will we finally see Animal Crossing for the Switch?

You can look forward to our E3 wrap-up bonanza next weekend.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 126: Goodbye, Reggie

This week, Kyran surprises us all with his thoughts on another Turn Based Strategy game in Valkyrie Chronicles 4, Joel fills us in on his side job in Moonlighter. Meanwhile the industry has served us up plenty of interesting rumours like Microsoft and Nintendo potentially teaming up in a surprising way, a dead IP could be revived by Nintendo, and we share our thoughts on Reggie Fils-Aime imminent retirement from his role at Nintendo of America.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 99: Business As Usual

E3 is over for another year, so it's time to get back to some normality, and that means playing video games! Joel checks out The Crew 2 open beta and finally gets invested in Kingdom Hearts, Kyran checks in with Dark Souls Remastered and gives his impressions on Detroit: Become Human, and the boys both gush over local sensation Hollow Knight from Team Cherry Games. They also check in with the controversy from Sony's decision to still block cross play with Nintendo and Mircosoft, and revel in the newly founded bromance between the latter two companies.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 98: Road To E3 Recap Part 4 - Sony and Nintendo

Join us for part 4 of our 2017 E3 recap, as we dive into Sony and Nintendo's shows from last year. Metroid, Spiderman, Super Mario Odyssey and all the other big announcements, plus we speculate whats's going to appear on those stages this year! Not only that, it's been a big week of announcements, so we chat Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Fallout 76 and Assassins Creed Odyssey!

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 89: Revenant Podcast

Back with a fresh episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast! This week, we deep dive on Level-5's Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Kyran tells us about Double Fine's Massive Chalice, and we talk about the incoming Overwatch Uprising event and what could potentially be added in this year's edition! We also chat some more news and answer your questions!

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 81: Huntin’ Round The World

This week, we go in hard on Capcom's Monster Hunter World, in which we have spent quite a bit of time hunting down the giant beasts and exploring the various environments in the latest, and possibly most accessible of the Monster Hunter series. Spoiler Alert: Joel is pretty pumped about this one! We also talk about Nintendo's little day of announcements, and how badly the Australian Government have treated the games industry this week, so get ready for that!

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