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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 65: Metroid: Samus Returns... FINALLY!

This week, Kyran finally gets his hands on a BRAND NEW METROID GAME, and gives us his impressions of Metroid: Samus Returns, we chat the interesting (albeit short) cross play capabilities in Fortnite with PS4 and Xbox One, and we feel all the feels discussing Satoru Iwata's legacy being preserved in EVERY Switch with a hidden copy of NES Golf.

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 50: Pre E3 Hype Train Pt 2

This week, we turn 50 and we continue the discussion of E3 2017, breaking down the Big 3 conferences: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. We talk about our hopes and dreams; will we see dates for God Of War and Spiderman on PS4? What is Microsoft going to bring to the table to stay in the console race? And WHEN will we get a new Metroid game from Nintendo?

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