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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 46: Assassin’s Effect

We are in the lead-up to this year's E3, and the rumours are coming in thick and fast, so we break down this weeks roundup of hearsay from the video game world! We talk about the new Assassin's Creed game, Far Cry's potential spaghetti western setting and the sound designer from Deus Ex working on WHATEVER it is that Retro Studios are making. Plus plenty of other news and what we've been playing!

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 33: Yakooza-Laylee

Hope you're ready for some super tasty Dialogue Options Podcast action! Coming to you live in the same room this week, we chat Yakuza 0, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Kingdom Hearts. Plus we get stuck into Square Enix's Final Fantasy presentation, their lack of support of Deus Ex and EA's Battlefront 2 plans.

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