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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 96: Road To E3 Recap Part 2 - Bethesda and Ubisoft

This week, we continue our walk down memory lane as we hit up Bethesda and Ubisoft's E3 presentations from last year, and see just how much these developers have delivered in the 12 months since! We also discuss the reveal trailers from id Software's Rage 2, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's announcement stream and Retro Studios potentially working on a Star Fox adventure racing game!

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Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 92: NEW CASTLEVANIA!!! (On Mobile)

This week, we give our first impressions of Santa Monica Studios's God Of War, Kyran gives us the lowdown on Starbound, we discuss the mildly disappointing announcement of a new Castlevania game and a new Platnium Games game.....on mobile, and the potential of CoD: Black Ops 4 not having a single player campaign. 

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