Dialogue Options Presents: Jam Pax-ed Paxstravaganza 2018!


We are back with a very tired episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast!


This week, we are ditching the normal show format because it's time to talk all things PAX Australia 2018. Come join us to hear our impressions of the show, what games we played and all the fun times we had!

Special thanks to our very lovely guests:

Tim from Cardboard Keep Games (@AgileTim, @CardboardKeep)

Julian from Drastic Games (@JulianTrutmann, @DrasticGamesInc)

Lindsay from Giant Margarita (@GiantMargarita

Mike Blackney from Team Fanclub/Dead Static Drive (@kurtruslfanclub, @deadstaticdrive, @team_fanclub)

Did you go to PAX this year? Let us know what you thought and what you played, and if you want us to discuss anything, hit us up using the links below.


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