Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 76: Game Of The Year 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the Christmas period, we finally got together to run down our 2017 Game Of The Year lists, and now, it's time to release them upon the world!

Join us as we look back on the CRAZY STUPIDLY good year 2017 was, and hear us gush about our favourite moments from the biggest and best from the past 12 months. And yes, our number one game is EXACTLY what you think it is...

We'd also like to take a moment to thank you for being here with us over the year. It means so much to us to have your support, and we plan to go from strength to strength in 2018, so we hope you join us for the ride!

If you'd like to contact us with questions, suggestions or whatever you feel you need to tell us, feel free to hit us up! You'll find the relevant links at the bottom of the post.

Until next year!


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