Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 40: April Fools and Cats In Space


Welcome everyone!

It's a fresh new episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast, and this week we talk CD ProjektRed's Bathing Geralt Statue, FFXV's latest DLC Episode Kenny, and Sega releases the hotly anticipated 8 Bit Bayonetta!

......Well, none of these are actually real, as it's that time of the year when the internet is even more untrustworthy! We discuss April Fools Day in the gaming industry, Joel discusses his further disappointment in Mass Effect Andromeda and Kyran journeys to The Ringed City for what could be the final piece of Souls content to be released by From Software. 

No questions this week, but if you want to ask us stuff, then do it! We can be contacted on by using the links at the bottom of the post.

Stay tuned for next week, when we will have FINALLY played Persona 5!!!


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