Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 29: Video Game Catch Up Club


Welcome Back Everyone!!

We are back in 2017 with a brand new episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast! We had a very enjoyable time on our break, in which we played a LOT of games, and lo and behold, we talk about all of them! Joel has played FFXV and The Last Guardian and really enjoyed Firewatch and Thumper, while Kyran has settled in with Ratchet and Clank and Gravity Rush Remastered! 

Along with what we've been playing, with the looming Nintendo Switch press conference a meer week away, we give the rundown on all the latest rumors and leaks, plus we chat about what we want to see at the conference (Spoiler Alert: Joel wants more weird Nintendo sketches). We also answer some questions from YOU, THE LISTENER! 

Got a question you'd love us to talk about? Then scroll to the bottom of the post and hit us up on any of the available links.

Until Next Week, when we will go all in on all the glorious Switch info!


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