Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 129: The Boys Are Back


Greetings Listeners!

Ya bois are BACK with a brand new episode of the Dialogue Options Podcast!

After an unscheduled break (Thanks NBNCo -Joel) we are easing ourselves back in to the swing of things with an old school format episode. No Quest Log, No Dope or Nope, just us chatting about things we both really like, like the confirmation and first gameplay look at Borderlands 3 and the announcement of Persona 5: Royal and Persona 5: Scramble! Nothing but good vibes this week!

Thanks for being so paitent with us as we (mostly Joel) sort out our lives and Internet situations, we have missed this and it's good to be back!

We should be returning to the regular format in the coming weeks, so if you have anything you'd like us to discuss, hit us up!


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