Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 134: The Return


Greetings listeners!

We're back with a brand new episode of the podcast, it is jam packed with the games we've been playing largely thanks to the return of Joel. He's been busy learning the ropes as a father, but he rejoins us to talk about what the multitude of various games that he has been playing for the last few weeks, so strap in.

The Quest Log was so packed this week that we decided to hold off on Dope or Nope and the Bonus Round, so sit back and get comfortable as Joel takes us through a journey as he discovered Dota Underlords, racing at break neck speeds in the Wipeout Omega Collection (including his time in VR), and so much more. On the other hand Kyran brings you his final impressions on Fire Emblem Three Houses after wrapping it up and rolls the dice on a game called Sagebrush.

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