Five of Kyran's Favourite Trailers


E3 is just a few sleeps away! What better excuse could I ask for to collate a list of trailers I love? Added on top of my general love for trailers our most recent episode where we were asked about which ones get us excited, so I decided to throw some down on an actual list. It is worth noting that these trailers get me excited as stand alone announcements, I’m sure you’ll see a few of these and think, “Hey, you weren’t too thrilled about that game…”

I’ll limit the list to five because these list posts really seem lazy but I’m also a sucker for both trailers and hype, so let me know if any of these stand out to you (or if they are the exact opposite).


Please try to pretend that you are surprised that this it here. If you’ve listened to our episode where the trailer talk came up you’ll remember my reasoning behind this very clearly. Firstly, this trailer is layered because the very idea of a Final Fantasy VII Remake is actual lunacy. I believe that Kyle Bosman (formerly GameTrailers, now Easy Allies) summarised my exact sentiment when he states “You maniacs. What are you doing? Midgar looks exactly like that!” Ever since Square Enix created a tech demo that brought the opening moments of the classic JRPG to life running on the PlayStation 3 everyone had been hungry for a full blown remake. The idea of Square following through on that was insane though, the publisher had spent nearly ten years on a spin off of Final Fantasy XIII only to bump it to a numbered entry because it took so long. They spent so long getting Kingdom Hearts 3 out the door after an endless barrage of spin offs. So, to think they would tackle a game such as this running on modern hardware is actual madness. Of course, we now know that it’ll be episodic in some way which offers some insight into how they’ll make it work.

Why is this trailer so great? Well, when it popped live on Sony’s E3 press conference way back in 2015 the internet went on a ride together. Was it the sequel that many had thought would one day happen after the expanded lore from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII? Was it another CGI movie in the vein of Advent Children? Or was it the long-fabled but often considered impossible Remake? Who would have actually guessed it would be the latter? Even the trailer voice over echoes the sentiments that the viewers are feeling as you watch right up until the iconic meteor image vanishes and one word appears. Remake. This trailer is everything that you want a trailer to be, it deserves to be mentioned that after the PSX trailer six months later the project went dark for four years until Sony’s second State of Play, but what a trailer!


Hideo Kojima has trailers down to a fine art and I could probably compile a list of my favourite ones just from him, each one he presents is masterfully put together and holds your attention from start to finish. Whether it is because the man has an incredible ear for the music he wants to use or because the trailer has you questioning everything, he mastered it. This particular Metal Gear Solid V trailer has a killer song (Nuclear by Mike Oldfield, check it out if you don’t want to watch the trailer).

Upon completing the game and watching the trailer it is quite amazing how much of the footage used is actually from a bit later on, you obviously had no idea initially so it wasn’t a problem but definitely catches my attention now. In particular I love the short speech from Venom Snake as they send off their comrades from the Diamond Dogs after a very powerful mission in the final game (which adds immense weight to this trailer upon a re-watch) this trailer had me salivating at the idea of playing Kojima’s latest masterpiece. Obviously my feelings after my time with the final release of the game (final release, not completed because game feels incomplete) are vastly different, but that doesn’t stop this trailer from sinking my hooks into my and leaving me with hours of discussion with friends as we tried to break down what we saw. Was that Metal Gear Rex? How did Miller suffer such injuries? Is that funeral directly after Ground Zeroes? Were those child soldiers? Who’s that kid trying to take Snake out with a chair?

”I won’t scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you. Plant your roots in me. I won’t see you end as ashes. You’re all diamonds.” That full quote from the game is powerful, regardless of how I feel about the game. This trailer reminds me of that particular passage of the game that sticks with me.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fantastic video game, CD Projekt Red successfully created a meticulously detailed world full of believable characters and twisted monsters. The lead up to it’s release featured several trailers, a few of those were completely CGI, and picking one of them was hard but even during the earliest inception of this list I knew they’d be here. I ended up opting for “The Night To Remember” as not only is it a gorgeous CGI trailer to watch, but it also actually showcases how players will be interacting with monsters in the game. Anyone who has played the game will be familiar with the rituals you undergo before embarking on a deadly hunt. You consult your bestiary and find your target, you learn the weaknesses, you oil up your blades, you drink potions for the necessary buffs. Seeing Geralt do all of this in an incredible CGI trailer is incredible, combined with the game’s powerful score and you’ve got a guaranteed trailer for the ages.

It was a tough pick to go with though, because I’m a strong believer in showcasing the world of a video game as seen in the first Cyberpunk 2077 trailer so that nearly ended up in the list, just as the trailer that serves as the opening video to The Witcher 2 if only because I think it looks incredible despite being more than a few years old now.

I cannot wait to see how CD Projekt Red blow me away with whatever E3 2019 trailer they have up their sleeves for Cyberpunk 2077.


When Nintendo announced a Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U who could ever have guessed it’d turn out like Breath of the Wild ended up. This was a game that threw a lot well established Zelda conventions out the window in favour of returning to the roots of the franchise, which honestly gave us a pretty good idea of what a remake of the original NES title would feel like. The trailer we got more than up for the countless years of waiting that we were enduring because it immediately let’s you know that Nintendo is doing something a little different with this title. When we first saw it as Breath of the Wild we were treated to a trailer that showcased a lot of Link interacting with the world but was light on basically any actual story details. Flash forward to this one and it is a blow out, we see a surprisingly large cast of characters straight out of the gate and also learn that this game will be the first Zelda to feature actual voice acting! The voice acting in particular is why I picked the Japanese version of the trailer over the English language one (which is still a fine trailer, by the way) because the delivery on Zelda’s cry as she collapses into Link’s arms during a point in the game’s story that we didn’t even know was a flashback initially actually struck me.

Not only is the Breath of the Wild trailer great because we see a lot of characters, but we still see even more of the world’s gorgeous vistas (I still can’t believe this game runs on a Wii U) and are treated to a spectacular song that elevates the tune that our ears were treated to with the E3 2016 trailer, the 2017 version is so good that it deservedly received a place on the immense soundtrack of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a newly arranged form.

I’m a sucker for Zelda trailers, even if Nintendo could probably afford to stop revealing them five years in advance. Every time they have one, I’ll be paying attention, I’ll be humming along with that unforgettable tune.


So much care goes into each of the trailers for the Super Smash Bros. newcomers that it was inevitable that a trailer from that series would make it onto this list. When you line them all up I can’t really look past the trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl (ironic considering it is probably my least favourite entry in the series) for not only showing us just how improved the visuals would be in the transition from Melee to Brawl but for also introducing us to a host of newcomers. Among those newcomers are some that we expected, some that we may have forgotten to include, and the megaton that is the confirmation of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. In fact, the reveal for Solid Snake was so good that the intricacy of the newcomer reveals would become a staple of every single Smash Bros. trailer. The marketing campaign that Nintendo undertakes releasing these character trailer is incredible, and Brawl was where it all kicked off.

I mentioned earlier that we get to see some newcomers, but Sakurai and the team don’t stop with just showing the character and their name. Each character gets a small portion of screen time to showcase how they play which just further elevates this trailer, every character looks like they move perfectly. To this day is still blows me away how dedicated the development for these games are.

The trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl showed that everyone’s favourite celebration of Nintendo’s history was only going to keep growing with no signs of slowing down. On top of all of this, the game’s main theme that plays in the trailer is composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

Like I said earlier, it is impossible to nail down every single trailer that gets me hyped. I could probably keep going with this list but really what I want is to have any other trailers that get you excited thrown my way. I am always keen to consume trailers, which is part of the reason that E3 is one of the most hotly anticipated times of the year for me.

Check back after the big show and I’ll probably pick five trailers that I can’t stop watching.