Kyran's 2018 Game of the Year List

Last month we released our annual Game of the Year episode where we pull our ten favourite games from an incredible slate of releases and tear our hair out ordering them. 2018 was a crazy year that saw some games be just as great as we’d expected with plenty of surprises scattered throughout. In particular I feel as though the indie development scene continues to get better and better with many of my favourite games coming from those smaller teams (and several of my honourable mentions).

Most of my time composing this list was spent going back and forth on the order of my top two games. I’ve now settled on an order and I think I’m mostly okay with it, so let’s get into the list.

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100 Episodes!

The Big 100. 

Where to begin? When we started this podcast, we really were just doing it for ourselves. We knew we loved talking about games, and felt we had enough knowledge and personality to comment on the industry. We didn't think it was going to end prematurely. but I don't think we had any idea of how much we would love to do this show.

From recording mishaps, to very late night delirium, it has been such an amazing ride, and I am honestly so privileged to have someone as wise and amazing as Kyran right here beside me. And all our guests we have had over the past 100 episodes, its been a joy to work with you all. 

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Joel McDonald
Welcome, friends!

It took some time, but we have finally branched out onto our very own website. Here you'll find all of our episodes as well as a page for our Twitch account that we'll hopefully be making better use of in the near future.

In addition to both of these features we've also got this little ol' blog thing where we'll post things, maybe it'll be about the show or maybe it'll be about an opinion that we just want to put out into the ether by mashing our fingers on the keyboards instead of inserting it directly into your ear on the podcast.

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